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About Amy Sabatino - Tarot Reader, Psychic.png

Amy Sabatino

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Providing Clarity & Guidance for Over a Decade

I honor a sacred, safe, and judgment-free space so you can feel comfortable talking about your love life, a new business venture, future financials, or your own intuitive development. Since I connect with God (Source or Universe), the information I receive and share with you comes from a place of love and light, and always in your highest and best interest. With decades of knowledge, discipline, skill, and connection, I can focus on different paths to help guide you on your journey to being your most authentic self.

My Mission

My mission is to address your questions with accurate readings that offer clarity and are always in your highest and best interest.
My intuitive visions can assist you when you want to explore your past, present, or future. As a clairvoyant, I see different perspectives, paths, and possibilities that I then share with you.
My focus is to help you feel empowered and enlightened while connecting you with your highest self and the guidance you need.

My Background

I’d been exposed to different religions since I was a baby, thanks to my father’s profession as a pastor. I’ve been reading and learning about the tarot since I was a teenager. In college, I gained a renewed curiosity for spirituality and studying different religions and seeing how they all connected and how I connected to them.

I remember the day when I realized how much my abilities had developed. I was reading a friend before she went overseas to India. I can still recall how I couldn’t shake off what I had read. I warned my friend. Begged her not to go. Tried to keep her from leaving. My friend told me that what is meant to be will be. She left and never came back. Her death shook me to my core. I put my cards away at that time.

It took some time, but eventually I started to realize and understand that there was so much more to life than death. Through that experience and my own inner realizations, I was able to find personal growth within myself. I came back to my cards and started reading again.


A few years later, I started my tarot reading business and vowed to always continue to learn and grow and help others do the same. I have always been intuitively gifted and have spent many years developing my skills and learning different forms of divination. I use tarot cards, crystal balls, mediumship, and oracle cards to guide you and share your spiritual messages with you.

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