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Along my journey I’ve met wonderful souls that have helped to light my path.


These people, services, and products have encouraged me in my growth, exploration, and enlightenment.


Sending you love and light as you continue to connect with that which is in your highest and best.

Darkstar Design Studio

Authentic Branding for Authentic Souls

Kelly from Darkstar Design Studio is the magician behind my new website! They are incredibly talented - not only with website design and branding, but also with putting themselves in their client's shoes and really understanding the client's vision.


I couldn't have asked for a better designer, listener, strategist, and friend. Kelly is amazing to work with and so fast and talented!


I HIGHLY recommend their services. If you have a spiritual business or are thinking about starting one, you need to reach out to Kelly for your website needs.

_Sacred geometry. Mathematics, nature, and spirituality in nature. The formula of nature.


Take this time to breathe and raise your vibration with meditations, groups, podcasts, and more!

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