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The Crystal Ball shows personalized symbolism to help you emotionally process a past, present, or future situation. Many people have said it is incredibly healing because it helps you move through your emotions, allowing you to feel more peaceful and restored.

Why Get a Crystal Ball Reading?

Crystal ball readings can help with emotional healing.

Process Through Emotions with a Crystal Ball Reading.png
Process Through Emotions

The Crystal Ball can highlight areas where we hold trauma or blockages in our life. Simultaneously illumination the path to help heal.

Get Guidance on Future Success with a Crystal Ball Reading.png
Get Guidance on Future Success

Because the Crystal Ball helps you connect and move through your emotions, it brings clarity to the path that is in your highest and best.

Get Advice on Creative Projects with a Crystal Ball Reading.png
Get Advice on Creative Projects

The Crystal Ball can also help you with your creative projects and any obstacles that you're experiencing. It can be an inspiring and uplifting experience.

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Prepare for Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball

How Should I Prepare for My Session?

Here's what you need to know before your Crystal Ball gazing!


You're not the only one with questions! My FAQ is full of common questions I get asked and their answers.


Learn how to book a Tarot reading, how to prepare for your reading, and so much more with my free guides!

Allow Yourself to Relax & Focus

Getting a Tarot reading should be fun and informative. Leave stress and judgment at the door with this free meditation.

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