Spiritual Services
for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Amy Sabatino, Flowing Essence psychic and tarot reader, offering a number of spiritual services to help you grow and live life to the fullest.

Meet Amy

Amy has been spiritual and psychic since she was a teenager. As she learned to master her abilities, Amy began to realize that this was the path she must take. She started her company Flowing Essence in 2013 and has been offering her services since then.


Amy is skilled in Tarot, Crystal Ball, Palmistry, Mediumship and Intuitive Writing. Amy’s abilities, along with her natural desire to help others, make her a great choice for your spiritual needs.

Tarot, Crystal Balls
and Mediumship

Tarot Readings can offer a big-picture view of upcoming events as well as shed light upon a specific situation, person or topic. 

Energy Crystal Ball Readings are a great choice for figuring out what you need to hold onto in your life and what you need to let go of.

Mediumship Readings allow us to connect with a deceased loved one by allowing messages to come forth and be shared. 

Crystal balls are another tool used by Flowing Essence to help you connect with yourself, answer your questions, and help you heal and grow.
Marble Surface

Tarot Card Readings reflect the different paths your life can take using 78 cards that represent universal archetypes.

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See Into Your Heart

Crystal Ball Readings use mulitple crystal balls to connect with your emotions, using it to show the paths ahead or behind.

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Connecting to a Loved One

Mediumship Sessions help you to receive messages from the other side by connecting you with the deceased.