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Receive clarity and guidance to any questions about your love life, career, or future with a Tarot Reading.

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Spiritual Services

Receive clarity and guidance on any situation you’re facing with a Tarot reading, Crystal Ball gazing, or Mediumship session.




Learn how to read Tarot cards and connect with the pendulum by exploring methods to tap into your own innate intuition.


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Hi, I'm Amy!

I honor a sacred, safe, and judgment-free space so you can feel comfortable talking about your love life, a new business venture, future financials, or your own intuitive development. Because I connect with God (AKA Source, the Universe, the Creator), the information I receive and share with you is as unbiased as possible and always in your highest and best interest.

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A space to be present in the moment, connect with yourself, and clear your mind.


Take this time to breathe and raise your vibration with meditations, groups, podcasts, and more!

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A space to guide you in choosing the service that is in your highest and best.

Learn the differences between Tarot, Mediumship, and Crystal Ball to find which one best fits your needs.

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A space dedicated to helping you discover all the ways to connect with this site. 

These free and easy guides show you how to book your session, save money, become a member, and more!

What Clients Are Saying:

"Amy is a wonderfully gifted individual, and the tarot truly allows her gifts to speak. It allows her amazing senses of empathy and intuition to speak. Tarot is an instrument, and one that she uses to produce insights which both deeply valuable and deeply meaningful. My readings from Amy have allowed me to see new perspectives at critical times in my life that I might not have without her help, and for that I can never recommend (or thank) her enough."

-Collin B.



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