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About Amy
Abilities Include:
Tarot Card Readings

Crystal Ball Gazing

Intuitive Writing




Amy Sabatino

For as long as those around her can remember, she has been associated with spiritualism and divination. Her great skill with the Tarot came as no surprise to the people who have known her. Friends regularly described her as a friendly, outgoing, loyal, honest person who cherishes what life has given her. Amy has a natural gift and an unending curiosity for spirituality. 


She remembers the day when she realized how much her abilities had developed.  “I was reading a friend before she went overseas to India. I recall how I couldn't shake what I had read. I warned her, begged her, and cried to her not to leave.  She told me what is meant to be will be. She left and didn't come back. Her death shook me. The hardest part was watching everything unfold. I put the cards away at that time. “

Realizing there was more than death and more to life, Amy was able to find personal growth within herself. Amy came back to her readings and is constantly working on improving her skills. Being a clairvoyant psychic Amy is skilled in Tarot Readings, Energy Crystal Ball Readings, Palmistry, Pendulum and Mediumship. She now wants to share her amazing abilities with you!


The focus is on providing spiritual readings with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Accurate readings and keen psychic ability guarantee that you will be happy with the services.


These readings can help shed light upon the future, past, or current situations. Questions are addressed by completing clear, accurate readings that will stimulate peace of mind.

Amy's mission is to improve the quality of life for her clients by offering spiritual services always in her clients highest and best interest.  She enjoys providing clarity on the past, present, and future and always wants to do it in love and light.

Tarot reading lay out, wood background a

Tarot, Crystal Balls and Mediumship

Tarot Readings

Very often they can offer a big-picture view of upcoming events as well as shed light upon a specific situation, person or topic. 

Energy Crystal Ball Readings

Are a great choice for figuring out what you need to hold onto in your life and what you need to let go of.

Mediumship Readings

Allow us to connect with a deceased loved one by allowing messages to come forth and be shared. 

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