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What people are saying about Amy!

Kelly M.


I recently asked Amy about a huge change that I'm thinking about making in my life - moving, buying a business, starting anew. She gave me the pros, the cons, how it would impact my family and friends and what I could expect if I continued with this venture. She told me what kind of house I was looking at even though I never mentioned a particular house. She described the store in detail when all I told her was the name. It was exactly what I needed in a reading. Amy was fantastic and 100% accurate. I highly recommend her and will go back to her often.

Collin B.


Amy is a wonderfully gifted individual, and the tarot truly allows her gifts to speak. It allows her amazing senses of empathy and intuition to speak. Tarot is an instrument, and one that she uses to produce insights which both deeply valuable and deeply meaningful. My readings from Amy have allowed me to see new perspectives at critical times in my life that I might not have without her help, and for that I can never recommend (or thank) her enough.

Joel B.


At first I thought that it was a gimmick but strangely enough, things come up that are applicable to real life and it's quite surprising. I would definitely consider getting another reading.

Erin S.


Amy knows her stuff when it comes to Tarot. I like others have had my cards read by various people (and ridiculous prices) over the years and I have to say that NO ONE has come even close to her! ( In accuracy and in price!!) She has a way of getting into your head. She's mentioned things that I had not told anyone! I will always go to her for all my Tarot needs...and so should you!

Emily A.


I've known Amy for a few years and she has given me a few readings over the years. Each time they have been accurate and been able to relay my feelings about certain things truthfully. Some people disagree with the concept of tarot card readings, but there are far too many "coincidences" that have happened that I can connect to hearing during the reading. While she is my friend and obviously knows what's going on in my life, there have been a few things that she has said that she really had no way of knowing. She is really good at portraying some of the feelings that I have, and things that are going on. I have gotten my tarot cards read at several places in the past, and Amy's has always been the most accurate. The other tarot card readings I've had seem to just tell me what I want to hear. I would definitely recommend Amy as reading your tarot cards, and she is very friendly and personable and will make anyone feel comfortable.

Natalie L.


Now I am normally weary of tarot readers. But Amy was highly praised by a few of my friends so I thought why not. She is very warm and friendly which made me feel comfortable and at ease. She did a full deck reading for me and it was crazy as to how on the spot she was about the things happening in my life. She provided great insight and advice. I was very impressed with her abilities and highly recommend her. I will definitely be seeing her again!

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