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How I Began My Healing Journey Through Meditation

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."

Caroline Myss

Being on the path of a healer, I’ve found that meditation can be a wonderful healing experience. It can also be a real eye-opener and can provide answers to questions you never thought to ask. Today, I’d like to share a personal meditation journey I experienced that was incredibly healing for me. I hope you enjoy!

The Focus of the Meditation

This particular meditation was focused on healing. However, it was a very unique form of healing; one that I had never experienced before. I was going to go back to a moment in my past where I was safe and happy but wished I could have changed something. Then I was going to change whatever I needed to in order to make it a perfect moment or memory and it would impact my present life.

Let me tell you, it certainly worked.

The Meditation

The roses symbolized my chakras and seeing how different they were told me how off-balance I was.

The meditation started in a field of roses. I was on a grassy path and on either side of that path were billions and billions of roses, stretching as far as the eye could see. The sun was so bright in the sky that I could feel its warmth spreading through me. A white heron flew around my head. I wanted to twirl around out of sheer joy.

The roses on either side of me were red roses as big as my head and on six-foot-tall stems. As I started walking down the path, the red roses faded into orange ones. These roses were the size of a normal rose and on stems that were maybe three feet high. I continued down the path and the orange roses faded into yellow roses. The yellow roses were maybe a foot taller than the orange ones, and they were dancing. Swaying without a breeze. I felt myself sway and dance with them. The white heron even joined in, doing loop-de-loops in the air.

The yellow roses faded into absolutely massive green roses. They were even taller than the red roses. Like skyscrapers. I could barely see the tops of them. I gazed at them in awe, wondering how roses could grow that tall.

Next were the blue roses. The blue roses were roughly the same size as the red ones. As I kept walking, the blue roses faded into purple roses. The purple roses were absolutely beautiful; the most perfect royal purple I’d ever seen. A bear cub popped its head up and I picked it up and held it on my hip like a baby. Then a little mouse scurried out from under the purple roses and twitched its nose at me. I waved to it and it scurried across the path and under the other side of purple roses.

The White Rose

The white rose was the gateway to my memory. It was also a representation of my crown chakra, even though it's typically seen as violet.

Finally, I got to the end of the path. In the middle of the path, directly in front of me, was a single, magnificently massive white rose. The white rose was easily three times my size in width, but was roughly my height. The bottom petals touched the ground while the upper petals reached the top of my head. The stem was hidden behind the rose, creating the image of a levitating rose.

The mouse showed itself again and stood next to the white rose. I put the bear cub down and it stood next to the mouse. The heron landed on the ground on the other side of the rose. There was dew on the petals, reflecting the rainbow of the other roses. In the center of the rose was a pool of water. The water looked like it was made out of white light. Shimmering, brilliant, and magical. I jumped and dove into the pool of water in the center of the white rose.

The Memory

A photo of Sunset Beach at sunset. Easy to see how it got its name.

My head popped up and I was in the middle of an ocean. It was night, but I knew exactly where I was - Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I teleported to the beach where I saw a memory of mine frozen in time. In the memory, my uncle who lives in Colorado had his right arm across my shoulders and we both stood at the shoreline looking out at the ocean. A bolt of purple lightning was frozen in the sky. The ocean was frozen mid-wave. I walked around my frozen memory, looking at myself and my uncle and the lightning. I knew this memory very well.

After looking at the snapshot of my memory, I merged with my memory self and time started again. The bolt of lightning disappeared and I could feel the warmth of my uncle’s hand on my shoulder. Could hear us breathing; could hear the ocean breathing with us.

I remembered that during that moment I had loved the purple lightning that we saw and that I loved being with my uncle because I rarely got to see him. What I didn’t love, however, was how unhealthy I felt at that time in my life. I had hated walking on sand because I always got winded and my legs felt like jelly.

So, in the meditation, I changed that unhealthy feeling.

The Healing Transformation

I changed into a white unicorn with a silver horn. I could feel my physical body crying with the most incredible release I’d ever felt. I felt strong, powerful, and healthy. My uncle turned into a Siberian tiger and down the beach we ran. We flew across the sand on our four legs. We ran, enjoying the freedom, as far as we could until the end of the meditation neared. We ended our time as animals and became our human selves. This time, I put my arm around his shoulders as we looked out across the ocean.

As the meditation was ending, I dove back into the ocean and flew out of the giant white rose in the middle of the path. The bear, mouse, and heron were waiting for me and traveled with me back down the path of roses until I slowly made my way back to my physical body.

A Real Healing

When I was fully in my physical body, I started crying. It was the most cathartic release I’d ever felt. I felt as though some negative energy I’d been carrying for years had been totally dislodged and removed. I felt the healing on three levels:

  • Physical - My body felt powerful. Like I could run forever. Like I could really turn into a unicorn and feel that majestic and beautiful all the time.

  • Mental - I felt motivated. Like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to, no matter how big or small.

  • Spiritual - I felt like I was finally becoming one with my spiritual self. I felt like I was finally beginning to accept myself and my body, something I had never really felt before.


Thank you so much for letting me share this healing meditation with you. I hope it inspires you to try meditation if you haven’t already. If you try a similar meditation or have experienced a healing meditation, please share it with us!

I would love to hear it!

You can share it in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

With Flowing Essence, you can receive a deeper insight into your personal meditations for enhanced understanding, clarity, and connection. These services are available over the phone or in person.

All photos in this blog are original and should be credited to

Just as a quick disclaimer, this is my own personal meditation journey. Not all meditations are the same. Your meditation may differ from what I or anyone else has experienced.

Cardinal Meehan is a healer, writer, and photographer who loves her three rescue dogs and taking nature walks to connect with the elements.

She is also dedicated to experiencing and learning various methods of healing so she can help spread light and love to the world.


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