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Why I Love Reading Tarot Under the Moon

I love to read tarot outside whenever possible. One look at my surroundings this past weekend and I was in bliss! I had the element of fire on my left and the element of water on my right. Placed between the fire pit and the pond, I could feel the immense power of the moon above it. Not always being able to conduct readings under the moonlight, due to circumstances, I decided to describe my experience. Whenever possible I encourage anyone who is comfortable reading to step outside and try a reading by the moonlight!

The Elements

Since the air was still enough and there was no sign of rain to be seen, I decided to take my cards and crystals outside. I looked around me and felt the presence of the elements. I felt surrounded by nature and very connected to the earth’s pulse. My intuition felt heightened as I gazed up at the moon. It was a half-moon that seemed to shimmer with a multitude of colors casting light and surrounded by a rainbow halo. I knew this was a perfect time to explore the subconscious further.

I was in awe of the beauty and energy that surrounded me in that moment.

Remembering the cleansing power of the moon I was overjoyed to be able to bring my crystals outside in its light. The clouds were thin and wispy. Never blocking the light of the moon, but rather dancing across it. Almost tickling it as it reciprocated with shadows of color and light. The pond was still, but full of life. You could occasionally hear the bubbles of the fish, and the splash of a turtle. The crickets were humming and the mosquitoes were at bay. Before I even began to read, I cast my crystals onto the table and I said a silent "thank you" to the moon and the elements.

The Moon

The moon, being a very intuitive powerful energy, can help to release our intuition as it heightens our awareness. Hence why some rituals are performed under moonlight and at certain phases of the moon. The moon is in sync with the tides. The emotional energy that water has is well paired with the energy of the moon. Feminine, emotional, mysterious and intuitive are traits of the moon. The moon as a tarot card reflects our inner uncertainty that may at times blind or confusion our perception on reality. While this card may show things are not as they are perceived to be, now is the time to trust your true nature and intuition. You can use this time to see through the veil and discover the larger pattern to situations.

I love being aware of how different environments feel to read in.

I suggest that if you aren’t attached to a specific phase of the moon that you work with whatever moment feels right. The moon has different energy at different phases. I started to do a reading on the patio under the half moon. This energy was very different from a full moon reading. One of the major differences I noted was that it’s focus was not on big changes or large issues. This reading had a softer edge that was focused on small changes and smaller issues that have big impact. It was great energy for those looking to take the first step towards change. Being with the water energy also made emotional levels more important, as the emphasis was on happiness within.

Intuitive Reading

Another thing I noticed throughout my reading that I did not use my usual style of reading. The way I usually begin a reading is by setting out my cards on one side of the table and I make a small grid with my spare crystals on the other side. I usually rotate between four or five grids. Each with a different but specific energy. At certain points during the reading I would reach for stones and configure them in grids I have never done before, amplifying energy and letting go. This time my reading, my set-up, and my pattern were extremely intuitive. I had hardly “set-up” before I started the reading. I fanned the cards out and picked with crystal energy in my hands. When I usually read I never fan out cards!

The topics and cards were like onions, where I peeled back the layers and felt little need to add cards. It helped to uncover truth behind motives as well as what was really needed on a soul level to feel accomplished. The cards and my crystal balls talked to each other with perfect communication. Depending on neither more than the other. I found myself bouncing between tarot cards and crystal ball reading with ease and grace. (Usually transitioning from mediums can distract your focus even if only a few seconds. This time it was as if I didn’t skip a beat.)

I can't wait to do more readings by the moon!

I truly loved the freedom of this style of reading as it was exciting and very fun. I find that if possible to let yourself go and embrace your environment it can help to enhance your abilities. My emotions felt high but I also felt balanced. I did notice that my crystals had a stronger energy to them. I also felt sad to have the reading end. I wanted to stay out there all night. I hope in the future to have more time with the moon and the elements as I really feel that it helps my intuition to grow.


Have you ever read tarot by moonlight? Share your experiences with us!

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All photos in this blog post are original and should be credited to

Cardinal Meehan, writer for Flowing Essence, and Amy Sabatino, owner of Flowing Essence.​


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